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Frequently Asked Questions

I have a big car/van can I still come to the cinema?

Yes, of course, we place high roofed vehicles and vans at the rear of the viewing area.

Can I attend 2 showings?

Yes of course, but you will need to purchase 2 tickets.

Are there refreshments at the cinema?

Yes, we do provide food and drink at an extra cost. This will be served at the front of the venue, so arrive in good time.

How will I see the films during daylight hours?

At Rollin’ Cinema we use the highest definition LED screens to ensure maximum viewing quality at any time of day.

How do I hear the film?

You listen to the film on a dedicated frequency on your car radio.

Can I pre-book a space or do we park anywhere?

We operate a first come first served basis, if you want a space close to the front, you will have to arrive early. The traffic marshals will see you to your spaces.

Are there toilets at the event?

Yes, we do provide toilets.

Can I leave mid-way through?

Yes, there will be ample space in between cars for you to leave early if necessary.

What if I need to talk to a member of staff?

Just apply your hazard lights and someone will come to your aid.

What is the postcode for my satnav?

To get the the main entrance for Peterborough Arena, set your satnav to PE2 6HE. Please note that the postcode PE2 6XE of the venue itself will potentially send you round the houses!