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Terms & Conditions

1. Do not exceed speeds of 5mph whilst your vehicle is in motion.

2. All patrons must keep any animals inside your vehicle at all times.

3. No children should be left unaccompanied at any time.

4. No alcohol should be consumed on site by anyone intending to drive a vehicle.

5. During the feature, all vehicular lights should be switched off for the duration of the visual content.

6. If you are experiencing any technical difficulties or otherwise, please put on your hazard lights.

7. All patrons must remain within the designated event area at all times.

8. Rollin’ Cinema staff retain the right to expel any patron who is causing a disturbance or nuisance or is putting themselves or other patrons at risk.

9. All patrons must listen to Rollin’ Cinema staff at all times and obey any directions or direct instructions. Non-cooperation may lead to expulsion from site.

10. Any patron that is expelled from the site, will not be allowed re-entry or receive a re-fund.

11. Any claims for a refund for any reason must be taken up with the organisers after the event via email and not on-site with the staff.

12. All ticket sales are non-transferable, refunds will not be issued for termination due to adverse weather or for booking the incorrect showing, screenings will only be cancelled if there is a genuine threat to the safety of staff or patrons.

13. If a decision is taken to cancel by the host or venue, refunds for the face value will be issued following a successful email enquiry.